Alternative Brighton Wedding Photography

Alternative Brighton Wedding Photographer

I thought I’d blog this one quickly while Halloween still hangs in the collective memory like firework sulphur.  This was the first Halloween themed wedding I’ve shot, and while Charlotte and Daniel were careful to be subtle with it and keep it in the background, it was still a nice fun presence at the edge of the day.  Witches hats floated above the guests at the reception upstairs at The Dome, pumpkins were carved with Mr & Mrs, at dinner everyone could write the messages of congratulations with syringe-pens with barrels of red ink, and then, my absolute favourite, towards the end of the evening the bride and groom cut their bloody wedding cake… with an actual axe!  This wedding was a joy to photograph.  Everyone involved was in a great mood.  The day was relaxed, informal, fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek, and just as romantic.  Charlotte, dressed in an absolutely amazing Joanne Fleming wedding dress, has been a Goth model, and appeared on the cover of Bizarre magazine, so she knows how to be in front of the camera, but my favourite shots of her are the candids with her beautifully expressive face — check out the final photo of her looking askance at Daniel holding the axe…  Oh, and inbetween that we were able to grab five minutes in the Dome’s beautiful Art Deco cinema (in the James Bond turnaround) for some popcorn, a Big Gulp and a few fun photos…  The photos that follow are the photos that I’m talking about.  See.  Look.  Here they are…


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