A Surprise Wedding Party

A Surprise Wedding Party…

So what you have before you today was a super secret surprise house-warming wedding in the heart of East London’s East London.  Okay the house warming wasn’t a surprise.  Everyone had invites for that.  They just didn’t quite realise what they’d been invited to.  The guests were just told to arrive before nine.  And we’re talking about 40 people here.  Now I don’t know how you throw parties but if I asked 40 people to be at my house before nine there would be precisely three people there.  And one of them would be my cat.  And he pretty much has to be there.  We don’t have a cat-flap.  So it’s a mark of the kind of parties Matt and Luke must throw that everyone turned up on time, looking incredibly well presented and didn’t even blink at the private catering staff and cocktail makers on hand in the kitchen to fix people some killer drinks.  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  The day started in the boys’ flat just off Brick Lane, before moving to an intimate wedding and private lunch for a dozen of their closest friends at Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel.  From there they moved to their old stomping ground… The Royal Oak on Columbia Road, where, after a day of heavy rains the sun broke beautifully.  Pints drunk and sunlit photos taken, everyone returned to the apartment (and boys’ beloved dogs) to spruce the already spruced place up before the guests arrived.  Then around nine came the big announcement and a lot of hugs and love and more of those killer cocktails  (okay it’s quite possible I may have tried one or two out of professional curiosity).  It was a really heartwarming day and I made the short journey home with a big (only slightly buzzed) smile on my face.

Here are the photos…


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  1. Carole

    There are some (well, a lot) fantastic photographs!


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