6 Chad’s Place Wedding Photography | Emily & Ross

6 Chad’s Place Wedding Photography

This was not only my first foray into 6 Chad’s Place Wedding Photography, this was my first foray into 6 Chad’s Place — a really great hidden bar, tucked away in the backstreets of Kings Cross that doubles up as a fantastically situated London wedding venue.  Now as you many know if you follow my blog (or at least, as you may know if you follow my blog and don’t skip the text) I do have a certain weakness for an urban London wedding, and this was no different.  I love the shuttered old fashioned block graphics of the Americana Cosmetics store just across the road from the Scala and had always wanted to use it in a photo.  And now I have.  (*See lead photo.)  But not only that, right outside 6 Chad’s Place is a steel railway bridge which makes a fantastic backdrop.  In fact colourful wedding guests just really pop against this industrial setting.

One of the drawbacks of working through a wedding is you can’t always fully take in the speeches, because you’re working to get the best possible shot of the speaker or reaction shot of the bride and groom.  But I do remember that these were particularly fine speeches.  Not least from the bride, Emily, who delivered a brilliantly charismatic and salty speech — the content of which escapes me now but I do remember it was peppered liberally with the f-bomb.  Talking of Emily, this was the first time I’ve ever shot a wedding where the bride has got her camera out.  The guests, yes.  These days half the wedding guests are keen amateur photographers, but here I turned round halfway through the day and there was the bride, floating about in her white dress doing my job for me.

So here’s to Ross and Emily.  Great couple.  Great wedding.  These are my results.  You’ll have to ask Emily for hers.


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