Stoke Newington Town Hall Wedding & The Sugar Hill Gang

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Stoke Newington Town Hall Wedding & The Sugar Hill Gang

To say that Natalie and Jesse’s Stoke Newington Town Hall wedding was kid friendly is an exercise in understatement.  At times it felt like half the guests there were children (although that can also be true when they’re no kids at the weddings at all).  What was great about this one was they weren’t tagging along with their parents and being told to keep quiet and behave.  The day was for them just as much as anyone else.  The parents had the Bacchus pub bar and the youngsters… well they had a sweet table that was, basically, a crack den for kids.  A small round table tucked away in the back of the pub like some kind of Willly Wonka speak-easy.  All around the pub the kids were bouncing off the walls, flying up and down the stairs and in some cases levitating overhead, just out of reach of their frustrated parents outstretched arms.  That this kind of spread was laid on speaks volumes of the bride and groom, Natalie & Jesse, who, at all times, wanted everyone there to be having fun.  It was an intimate wedding that started at Stoke Newington Town Hall and made its way to the Bacchus Pub & Kitchen on Hoxton Street — where Natalie has lived for the last ten years. So back before the skinny-jeaned cads pushed out the strumpets, brigands and cutpurses and put Hoxton on the tipping point of too-cool-for-school.  And this wedding was anything but.  It was relaxed, warm and joyful.



  1. As always, just great. Always a new angle and something else to consider.Liking this colouring too. Those dance shots are the ones that get me looking twice.

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