Voewood House Wedding Photography

Voewood House Wedding Photography

This was a really special wedding in bright sunshine at the amazing Voewood House, a luxury Norfolk wedding venue and unique country house in a little world of its own on the north coast of Norfolk, perfectly geared towards a style-conscious crowd.  Built in 1903, Voewood House is an amazing example of the arts and crafts aesthetic.  Beyond that it has a hidden art gallery feel to it.  In a way it’s like a little bit of Dalston (it has the vibe of Old Cholmeley Boys Club about it, which I’ve also blogged about) or Shoreditch House tucked away in a quiet woodland spot in Norfolk.  Taking in 11 acres of licensed garden to roam around in, wander off in, and maybe even wander back in.  Irina and George were perfectly suited to Voewood House.  Or perhaps Voewood House was perfectly suited to them.  Either way, the venue was am amazing fit.  A sense of glamour, style and fashion, teetering on the edge of mischief and debauchery.*  I felt a real kinship to the place as soon as I arrived.  But that went up several notches as soon as I walked into the large bedroom where the bridal prep was taking place.  A large art book of Richard Avedon’s fashion photography was leaning against the wall–which set a nice bar to aim for.  Irina’s mother is a fashion designer herself and that sense of style and elegance was mixed throughout the wedding guests as well.  The wedding ceremony and most of the day itself took place outside on an incredibly hot summers day.  At times the sun blazed down on everyone and people hugged the walls to find a little respite from the glare.  Everyone was melting slightly during the afternoon but there was enough shade, sunhat and sunglasses (even for the babies) to survive.  The day then moved through to the neon-lit banqueting hall, speeches, an amazingly joyous first dance and then a long night of partying.

*To be honest, the wedding day may well have teetered over the edge into debauchery.  I just wasn’t long enough there to find out.  Only the walls of Voewood House can tell you what really went on that night.


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