The Ritz Wedding Photography

Sometimes people, places and things are just too ridiculously photogenic for their own good.  This wedding is one of them.  The day started in a high-windowed, well appointed flat near Kensington Gardens, moved to Lincoln’s Inn Chapel tucked away behind the Strand and beside the law courts where Alexandra took the bar, and finished in two beautiful private rooms in The Ritz.  Alex, the groom, moved through the day with a gentle self-effacing warmth and Alexandra was charismatic and funny and looked way more like a lambent, modern Veronica Lake than any lawyer has a right to.  Love is an intangible thing but you can photograph it on the faces of people, and it radiated between everyone there–a quiet communicating energy you can feel and almost see.  Even when the one slight hiccup happened–the cab with Alexandra’s mother getting snagged in traffic–it happened during magic hour, and the soft, lowering November sun lit the fretting congregation of family beautifully.  So I will understand, Dear Reader, if you think a blog of nearly 200 photos for a small seven hour wedding is too many.  And really, you can stop anytime you like.  But I honestly don’t think you will.  Winter weddings in the UK always have a particular cosy quality.  Everyone enclosed by the cold and sudden dark.  Many of my favourite weddings are winter weddings–despite always being more testing to shoot.  But even by those standards this one was a little bit special.  A small, intimate wedding that in a way counterposed the opulence of the places that housed it.  And yet somehow, in some way, that was perfect.  So go take a look at the photos.  They’re actually right here…

Dress by Jesus Peiro supplied by Miss Bush Bridal

Veil by Oscar De La Renta