London Charterhouse and St John Wedding Photography

Wedding Bells and Butcher’s Bliss: Phillipa & Rob’s Charterhouse to St John Soiree

London, a city brimming with history and vibrant energy, played host to a wedding celebration as unique and captivating as the couple themselves: Phillipa and Rob. I had the privilege of capturing their genuinely joyous union, weaving a visual narrative that began at the grand London Charterhouse and unfolded into a lively feast at St John.

A Cloistered Ceremony Steeped in History

Charterhouse, a former Carthusian monastery dating back to the 14th century, exudes an air of hushed reverence. Sunlight streamed through the Gothic windows, casting long shadows onto the worn stone as Phillipa, resplendent in her elegantly simple, stylish dress, emerged. The groom, Rob, beamed with anticipation, and the air crackled with a palpable mix of nerves and excitement.

Their vows, exchanged beneath the vaulted golden ceiling above the forest green walls of the long room, were heartfelt and intimate, punctuated by laughter and a rousing rendition of It Must Be Love by Madness played by a friend and guest on a grand piano nestled in the corner of the room. It was a brilliant counterpoint to the stately hallowed halls while being perfectly in keeping with the entire mood of the ceremony.

From Sacred Vows to Secular Revelry

As the newlyweds emerged, hand in hand, under a shower of confetti, the mood shifted from serene reflection to jubilant celebration. The cobbled courtyard buzzed with well-wishers.  Then another friend and guest, a Scot called Scot appropriately enough lead them passed the almshouses, down along Smithfield’s and into Clerkenwell for their wedding reception at the renowned restaurant, St John.

A Gastronomic Feast for the Senses

St John, renowned for its nose-to-tail cooking and lively atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding reception. Lights sparkled overhead, casting a warm glow on the exposed brick walls and communal tables laden with rustic platters of seasonal fare.

The aroma of wood-fired ovens mingled with laughter and clinking glasses as guests dug into the hearty feast. Phillipa and Rob, moved and joked amidst their favourite people, their joy infectious and uninhibited.

A Tapestry Woven with Love and Laughter

As the night wore on, the clinking of cutlery gave way to the rhythm of a live band, transforming the restaurant into a makeshift dance floor. Guests of all ages danced and mingled under the twinkling lights.

Through my lens, I witnessed a tapestry woven with love, laughter, and the undeniable magic of London. Phillipa and Rob’s wedding wasn’t just a celebration of their union; it was a vibrant ode to life, shared with gusto against the backdrop of a city steeped in history and culinary delight.

This wedding was a true feast for the senses, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it. If you’re planning a wedding in London, I encourage you to consider the unique and characterful venues like Charterhouse and St John. They offer something truly special for couples seeking a wedding that is both elegant and unconventional, just like Phillipa and Rob’s unforgettable celebration.  Of course, not. everyone can make their way from The Farmer’s Club in Whitehall through an enormous, warm-hearted pro-Palestine really along the Thames and across Waterloo Bridge to their waiting taxis by the National Film Theatre on the South Bank.  But that story is for another day.