Harpers Bazaar Wedding Photography

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would just like to draw your attention to this Harpers Bazaar wedding photography four-page spread nestled snugly in the sophisticated pages of the new (Arabian) edition.  I would also like to draw your attention to the text, in which I’m called the Henri Cartier-Bresson of wedding photography.  I would like to draw your attention to this purely for my own personal ego’s own personal sense of self aggrandisement.  A humble London documentary wedding photographer is only going to get likened to a genius a couple of times in his life so you’ll excuse me if I crow about it when I do.  Oh and Becky’s the picture editor at Harpers Bazaar so I’d like to think she knows what’s she’s talking about it.  And wasn’t too drunk when she wrote that.  And I mean really, how drunk IS too drunk?  Let’s not judge here.  Let’s just take a look at some Harpers Bazaar wedding photography here online.  Because this is featuring in Harpers (Arabia).  So unless you’re living in Dubai that’s going to make it quite a trek to the newsagents…

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To see more photos from this thoroughly lovely wedding, please click away here: BLOG

Harpers Bazaar


  1. Laura Caudery

    Looks great Nick. And I think we’ll excuse just a few more mentions of the Cartier-Bresson comparison…brilliant!


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