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Fetcham Park Wedding Photographer

Now I click with a lot of my clients but even by the high standards set in the past shooting Chloe and Paul’s wedding was particularly fun.  In fact, since their wedding we’ve had dinner twice and are currently drawing up plans to ransack the gin palaces of London.  I mention that really because walking into the bridal prep felt like walking into the home of an old friend.  When you click you just click.  This is the first of two back to back winter weddings I’ll be blogging and they’re always challenging because they’re so dark.  But having to work twice as hard makes it more rewarding in the long run and wintry weddings are always incredibly atmospheric.  It was already dark when the ceremony started at 4pm inside the beautiful St Barnabus church on Ranmore Common.  Where, as part of the service, there were Christmas carols and chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  Okay, there were no chestnuts roasting on an open fire but there was a Christmas tree and the roasting chestnuts were there in spirit.  From there it was a short drive to the gorgeous Fetcham Park House for the reception and dinner in a twin-roofed tipi (the reaction shots of Chloe walking in and seeing it for the first time are priceless) outside in the grounds.  I have a big soft spot for Fetcham Park anyway, ever since I did a fashion shoot (*see links below) and got to know the ridiculously lovely Laura Caudery (Chloe concurs on this matter, FYI), who ghosts about making everything run like clockwork with gentlest of hands.  But really, it’s impossible to overstate what a happy and beautiful wedding this was to be a part of.  Chloe and Paul are absurdly charming and that was stamped through the day like a stick of Brighton rock.

Next stop, the gin palaces of London….

Dress by Emma Hunt

Head piece by Sophia from Lila Handcrafted Accessories

Hair and makeup by: Elbie Van Eeden

Catering by Kalm Kitchen

Videography by Gorgeous Films

Fashion shoot at Fetcham Park on my blog


  1. Pen

    Oh my, I LOVE this wedding! Chloe’s headpiece is to die for. Stunning captures full of energy and emotion as always, Nick. LOVE!!

  2. Tarah Coonan

    A gorgeous winter wedding, so stylish and romantic

  3. Phill

    I love the palpable sense of immersion in all of this, Nick, and the rhythm of the images, and might I be so bold as to say that Chloe makes for a magazine perfect bride :~) Beautifully photographed.

  4. Laura Caudery

    Firstly, I’d better get an invitation to join you for gin. Secondly, thank you for the very kind words (you made me blush). And thirdly, thank you for capturing this amazing couple, their wonderful family and friends, and their day so brilliantly.

    When Chloe told me that she’d be working with you, I was so excited to have you back to the house as the images from that first shoot you did will always be some of my favourites. Watching you at work that day, getting to know you and following your work subsequently, I knew that I couldn’t wait to see you shoot a wedding at Fetcham Park.

    You’ve described how much fun each and every supplier had working with Chloe & Paul – you just can’t help falling in love with them – and I think it shows both in your photographs and the emotion that was created on the day. Everyone was just so happy to be part of their wedding.

    Which is why your photos are so special; they’ve captured all the fun, all the romance, the incredible details and the fact that this was undoubtedly one of the happiest days the house will ever see.

    Thank you. I hope you’ll be back soon Nick.

    Love, Laura xXx

  5. Sara Vaughan

    Outrageously beautiful (and original) bride! The effervescence of the day shines forth.

  6. Hazel Thomson

    Well Mr Tucker, I love this! The colours are rich and warm, capturing what looks like an intimate special day. Love the teepee (?) The bride is stunningly beautiful (just how you like ’em) and the love oozes out of the images. Wonderfully captured moments as always. How do you do it? This, being the reason, you are my favourite wedding photographer.


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