East London Wedding Photography

East London Wedding Photography

Today I got to indulge in my favourite Saturday activity: East London wedding photography. Before it’s mostly been MC Motors and Bethnal Green Town Hall hotel, but The Roost makes a very welcome new addition to the party pack. I’m so glad Sophie, of everyone I know, chose to have an East London wedding, because she was the first person I knew who moved here. Back in the days when people would look at you askance for even drinking in Hackney after dark. Back before Banksy had made the area hip with his Shoreditch Greeting Card art. Back when burlesque was sexy. Back then Sophie would haunt the East London of my imagination, with its remote, wistful fug of bohemia, its gallons of red wine pouring down the stairs of old pubs and clubs playing alt-country next door to Russian mafia vodka bars. Its broken glass and lost bus stops. Back then when London Fields was always wintry, ghostly and alien. My memories of those days are a happy wash of softly tessellated drunken nights. Now it’s home.

The wedding itself was just an incredibly lovely party day. Low key, easy going and fun. From Tom, all dapper and lushly bearded, and Sophie going rogue in a floaty blue leopard print dress, wearing an amazing Frida Kahlo-esque red rose headband and killer red heels, to the wedding Mexicana-styled reception at The Roost with its hanging pinatas and Fiesta bar. It was exactly the day I’d imagined it would be. Impeccably its own relaxed affair.

Congratulations the new Mr & Mrs Harding / Mr & Mrs Lloyd-Harding. (TBC.)


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