Dalston Wedding Photography and the Case of the Missing Blogs

So this is the first time I’ve blogged this year.  Which  would be slightly remiss of me in say, March, but it’s the middle of August.  I have no excuse for this.  Well, actually that’s not true.  I have a ream of excuses for this.  Being insanely busy ranks quite high on that list.  But then given how after eight months of not blogging my own personal brain has probably overplayed the difficulty and time consuming nature of putting a blog together, I probably should have done this anyway.  Probably as much for my Google rankings as much as the deluded belief there are people out there waiting for one of my new wedding blogs to drop.  But so here we are then.  This is not a January wedding.  I will blog more but they will not be in any kind of chronological order.  This will not be down to some arty William Burroughs style cut-up technique but more because at random times during the week I will go “Oh you know what, I really should blog that wedding.”  And I’m blogging the first of those.  This brilliantly stylish and laid back East London wedding.  Starting in a flat in Dalston and ending up in a warehouse near Shadwell.  I loved everything about this wedding, the settings, the guests, the style, the atmosphere, the easy going fun, but mostly what I loved, and how could you not, a beautiful bride with an afro.  Please see following photos for A LOT of afro love.  And also, hello again.  You all look lovely and I should have mentioned that I like your new hairstyle, too.  It suits you and it never hurts to hear these things.  I promise to try and do this more often from now on.  Both the blogging and the compliments.