Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding

Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding

So hot on the tail of last week’s blog, here is a beautiful winter wedding that happened, well, last winter.  Maybe almost a year ago.  Or more than a year ago.  Maybe it was a Christmas wedding.  Definitely a winter wedding as evidenced by the low light hitting the guests as they congratulated Charlotte and Drew post ceremony, and then the early golden light on our brief walk around the Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel block around mid-afternoon.  Either way, it’s a timely blog, even if it’s not a timely posting.  I loved the dynamics of this wedding, Drew being an ebullient American while Charlotte was gentle, quiet and wry–with two fizzy, raucous sisters who seemed to come out of a different pot. Likewise the mood between Charlotte and Drew on the portrait shoot was less tactile and lovey dovey, and more playful loving and amused–but no less starry eyed.  The other thing I couldn’t not love about this wedding is the fact that Jonny, their kilted celebrant, was not only a close friend of theirs but the reason I was shooting this wedding in the first place.  I shot Jonny (and Jo’s) hugely characterful East London winter wedding a year before this one (I’m also pretty sure I haven’t blogged that one yet, but I will guys, I swear it — especially as, due to the low light, I ended up shooting pretty much the whole thing on flash which gave the the whole thing a pretty unique feel) and it’s always lovely to see previous bride and grooms among the guests.  Lastly, a note about the venue.  Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel wedding is not the easiest to shoot but when the light is just right it can be magical, and for this wedding the light hit it just right pretty much all day.  Enjoy…

Bridal makeup by Sara Montovio…


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