Aemelia Fox – Fashion, Beauty and Boudoir Photography

Aemelia Fox – Fashion, Beauty and Boudoir Photography

Due to various factors we only had two hours for this lovely fashion-slash-boudoir shoot.  So, basically, I had to work fast.  But if anything has taught me how to work fast it’s the crazy speed weddings move at.  (Photographers who’ve cut their teeth in the fashion world are usually left bewildered and stunned by the pace of wedding photography.  It’s a lot easier to move in the other direction, believe me — the most intense was five distinct set-ups in a château in France in a 15 minute window before the wedding breakfast.)  The plan then was to utilise the old world glamour of Lisa Redman’s amazing couture dresses, move through to beauty, take in a homage to Bert Stern’s intimate and sensual images of Marilyn Monroe — that had been the moodboard for Aemelia and I coming into the shoot — and then finish a spot of boudoir photography.  The biggest factor in achieving this is working with natural/available light, which I almost always do.  This way there are no lights to set-up, lug around, move from room to room.  You simply work with what you have — and window light is my favourite kind of light anyway.  Soft, diffuse, beautiful.  It also helps that Aemelia is an absolutely natural in front of the camera.  I was working with a new hair and makeup team today and they were absolutely fantastic.  So if you’re looking for boudoir photography for that special occasion (or just because you feel like it) please, send me an email.  There will be a series of special offers for the early adopters out there…

Model: Aemelia Fox
Hair: Jack Fitzpatrick
MUA: Daiva Kazlauskaite

Dresses by Lisa Redman

Glauca Rossi School of Make-Up

The house is a beautiful working home, available to hire through House of Locations and belongs to the impossibly lovely Hannah Gooch of Ebury Homes and Gardens.


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