A Small London Winter Wedding at Claridges

A Small London Winter Wedding at Claridges

So New Year new wedding blog–which, I realise makes it sound like an annual occurrence, and going back last year’s paucity of blog posts that’s not far off.  However my obligatory New Year’s Resolution is to start blogging again.  It’s been too long and I’ve been too haphazard since I last posted with any kind of business-savvy regularity.  I will be going back and posting some great weddings from thoughout 2019, but I thought I’d start with the most recent wedding I shot.  The very last wedding of 2019, the day after Boxing Day.  I’m starting with this one because it’s the most recent, so the most relevant to this time of year, which, because of the day’s timings and the cold wintry lack of daylight hours, actually started after dark.  But also because it was such an enjoyably warm (barring the actual temperature) warm intimate wedding. Lizzie and Dan are a great couple.  So personable, so easy to get along with.  Of course I like to think I get along with all my couples, and quite a few have ended up becoming friends.  But I guess it’s just more noticeable during the day itself when it’s a small London winter wedding like this one.  So despite it being kept to close family and friends it felt as easy and fluid as any wedding.  Also, I should point out that it was Lizzie’s idea to run the gamut of guests to the wedding car after the ceremony, so all creative direction credits there should go to her.  It was a genius idea.  They turned out to be some of my favourite shots of any wedding I’ve done.  Hope you enjoy then, too.  See you back here soon.  N.

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