My approach to wedding photography is very simple.  It’s your day and I’ll photograph it as it plays out naturally.  There will be no elaborate set-ups, no one will be told to smile.  There will be no cheesy jokes and no blasting your guests with a flash.  It’s going to be relaxed, natural, straight forward, observational photography. Whatever we call it — documentary, reportage, photojournalism, candid — it’s about telling the story of your wedding day.  I love being around people and getting photos that get right to the heart of who they are.  But I go about it discreetly.


I love the heightened quality of a great fashion image.  The best images are other worldly without being remote. When you hire me for your fashion shoot you’ll get images that will sit comfortably within the pantheon of fashion or editorial but will also feel connected and accessible.


Whether it’s anything from a bump photo to actor Spotlight images or author shots (my photo of Kerry Hudson for her highly acclaimed first novel Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice-cream Float Before He Stole My Ma has appeared in The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer and The Daily Mail) I’m always looking to make that image as true to the person as possible.  The shoot will be relaxed and easy going.  For most people having a camera pointed at them is very alien.  I pride myself at putting people at ease.

Connecting You with People

I can also connect you with incredibly talented makeup artists, hair stylists and recommend a fantastic dress shop or two.