French Destination Wedding Photographer | Sarah & Adam Leber

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French Destination Wedding Photographer | Sarah & Adam Leber

French Destination Wedding Photographer let loose at the Chateau du Martinet, Provence

This is just one of those charismatic weddings that just commands a whole heap of photos — the couple, the guests, the stunning Chateau du Martinet, deep in the heart of Provence, and the dress…

The dress…

People are going to ask about the dress.  So I’ll tell you what I know…

Not much.  I’ve kind of forgotten most of it.  Hey, c’mon! I’m a guy.  That’s what we do.  We forget stuff!  But what I can remember is it was designed by Sarah’s friend, who may or may not be called Scott, or Rubin.  (But not Scott Rubin, because I’m pretty sure he’s a film producer.) Or possibly something else altogether.  But either way he used to be one of the big names at Oscar De La Renta.  And so now this dress had to be spectacular.  A) to do justice to the setting and B) to do justice to Sarah, who is mind-bendingly stunning, and has just the most impossibly long lissom limbs I have ever photographed.

Luckily, the dress was spectacular.

As was the entire day, in fact.  And I can’t say enough good things about Adam and Sarah, or their families, who were warm and welcoming way beyond the call of duty.

Thank you, and here are your wedding photos…

NB.  If there seem to a few concerned figures gazing pensively out from the windows at the start it’s because, after weeks of glorious sunshine across the South of France, Provence was hit by a near-biblical downpour on Sarah and Adam’s wedding day itself.  Bruised, low scudding skies and squalls gun-metal grey rains obscuring the landscape.  But hey, it gave the bedrooms an absolute beautiful soft diffuse light for the preparation shots, and then broke to give us a slot of magic hour light for the post-ceremonial stroll along the chateau’s wending garden lanes.  But then when the groom manages Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus chances are pretty high he’s getting to get the day he was after.. weather included…



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