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So let me first start by saying it’s not all that easy to get candid shots in a Brazilian nightclub. Brazilian girls seem to have developed extraordinary powers of precognition, and seem to know where the camera is at all times–sometimes before you do–and have an almost Pavlovian pout response.  But in another way that’s not all that important.  If the point of documentary photography is to document and girls in Brazilian clubs naturally strike a pose when the camera’s on them, isn’t even a pouty self-aware shot an honest document of a typical party night?  If you look you will actually see girls posing for the camera three rows back from the photos’s subject.  But as the night wore on I did develop the ability to get some more unposed images.

The club was Privilège, Xangri-lá, in Rio Grande do Sul, South Brazil.  This was Brazil for the Brazilians.  Not tourists at all.  No one spoke English and I didn’t speak Portuguese, so it was very much a pure observational experience.  Well, except when I accidentally took photos of some drug dealers and they let it be known via the medium of fury that I had to delete all the photos of them from my camera.  It turns out not wanting to be beaten up or killed is an excellent way of transcending language barriers.  But that was one small incident towards the end of the night.  Mostly it was joyously radiant.  There was an extraordinary heat and energy and numinous glow to the club.  I say club, I mean the Latin American twenty-somethings.

Everyone there thrummed with life and youth.

Here are the photos to prove it…

NB.  The earliest shot you’ll see here was after 2am because the nightlife barely starts much before that…


  1. That’s really cool post! I am from Porto Alegre and used to go in Xangrila! Good memories from some years ago especially in the Summer! Thanks for sharing this! X

  2. Hey Nick, love the energy of these images. Curious to know if this was an assignment or simply you having fun documenting a party during a vacation in Brazil…

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