Best of 2014 Weddings… by night

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Best of 2014 Weddings… by night

So being perpetually contrary I thought I’d do a little something different with my Best of 2014 Weddings roundup this year.  I thought I’d make it exclusively the party shots.  So no getting ready, no ceremony, not even any sunset shots.  If you don’t follow wedding photography this might feel a little obtuse — but I do blog my weddings in full, and if I haven’t yet I intend to catch up with a large backlog in the next few weeks.  I promise!  If you do follow wedding blogs, well, you’ve seen enough sunset kisses to last you a lifetime.  So hopefully this will be an alternative blog to browse through while you’re on a break, or pretending you’re working hard but actually, totally on a break.  Also, the tagline on my website is ‘the greatest party you’ll ever have,’ and I believe that and I want to capture that.  So I have…

On a personal note, 2014 was a breakthrough year for me.  It was my third full year as a photographer and the year everything clicked.  For me, this was the year I really became a photographer — in fashion and weddings.  The turning point was shooting two very dear friends’ weddings close to each other: Ian and Gabrielle, and Anna and Adam.  Neither of them gave me a single direction, but just said, shoot exactly how you want to.  And I did.  And something changed.  I felt looser and freer and I found my style.  I was about to write definitive style, but we’re all constantly evolving so who knows where it will go or how it will change in the future.  But I think you can see a definite through-line in all the photos below.  I certainly wouldn’t have shot Immodesty Blaize’s wedding the way I did without the year’s personal sea change.

2015 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year, with some amazing weddings in the diary as well as a personal project I’m really looking forward to exploring.  I will keep you posted.

Happy New Year.



  1. Story Teller in every sense – I think you are amasing …. I was never that interested in Photigraphy and you have blown my perception at every level – your Brilliant ….. Number One Fan x

  2. What I love about your work is that you do capture those moments, which is what photography is for! I found your site because I follow Anna (Hardy) and found her work on a wedding blog. There is a time and place for all the perfectly posed sunset wedding photos on the blogs, but your work is in a different category. It’s hard me for to pic a fave because all of them are wonderful! And having some photographers (2 that I know) ask you to shoot their wedding says a lot! Looking forward to seeing what you create in 2015!

    • Thanks Jonica. And yes, there is a place for the sunset photos. I really don’t mean to disparage them. They can be beautiful photos.. But as you know it’s more just short hand for getting in there and getting your hands messy. Figuratively speaking… :-)

  3. Oh Nick. Ever the rebel. You are the only photographer who could show a passed out reveller, covered in a pink blanket, with vomit by his feet, and declare it wedding photography. Hedonistic, wild, raucous, sublime. I feel a bit drunk looking through these. The word unique was made for you. Happy New Year.

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